The Aberdeen Angus Elite Health Herd at Bryn Melyn

Aberdeen Angus at Ian Rodway's Bryn Melin Farm in Carmarthenshire

Aberdeen Angus at Bryn Melin Farm

Aberdeen Angus was the choice of cattle by Ian Rodway at his farm at Bryn Melyn in Carmarthenshire. Their resistance to harsh weather makes them ideal for the unpredictable Welsh climate.

Ian had always had Aberdeen Angus suckler cows and in 1993 decided on a Pedigree herd. He bought two cows, three heifers and a bull. He is now only using AI bulls, this gives him access to the best genetics from all over the world.

The cattle only have access to grass in the summer months and silage with rolled oats, grown at Bryn Melyn, during the winter.

This system is not suited to produce show cattle but is excellent for the commercial sector.

Elite Health Herd Status

Aberdeen Angus Elite Health HerdThe herd is accredited free from  BVD, IBR, JOHNE’S DISEASE AND LEPTO  since January 2011.

TB  12 month tested interval never had a reactor. all animals are tested before movements
and therefore giving the purchasers more assurance of being TB free than animals tested at a four year interval.