Ian Rodway

Ian Rodway moved to Brynmelyn in 1993. Bryn Melyn farm has spectacular views of the Towy and Cothi Valley, being situated  on a mountain north east of Carmarthen on the edge of the Beautiful Brechfa Forest, raising to 950ft above sea level. Having worked with stock all his life and after looking at different breeds of cattle and sheep, Ian decided on Pedigree Aberdeen Angus and Pedigree North Country Cheviot Sheep, both being breeds that would stand up well to the Welsh Climate.

My aim is to be an innovator at the forefront of improving the Aberdeen Angus breed by using AI. Giving me access to the best bulls world wide. In 2016 a customer seeing this web page arrived to purchased a cow and calf. He was so impressed with the herd he decided to buy all the cows with heifer calves. This left me with a couple of cows and the bulling heifers. Now needing to increase my herd back up I am using AI sex semen to produce mainly heifer calves.

 North Country Cheviots,  producing top quality breeding stock that can be exported all over the world.

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 It was a slow process but Ian is now proud of the Elite Health Herd status he has achieved for the Aberdeen Angus.Aberdeen Angus Elite Health Herd  When looking for a sheep breed, Ian was looking for a breed that produced high priced white wool and would be able to finish the lambs by the end of July.  Ian has always kept Honeybees. To keep bees at 950ft was challenging. Ian has achieved this by studying the Honeybees needs throughout the year and planting all the flowers they need to survive at Bryn Melyn, so they will produce Honey for the home.

Bryn Melyn Farm is almost self-sufficient, producing oats and straw for the stock and fruit and vegetables for the house.